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Spirit Tool chooses local machine shops Orette and Greg Poliquin, owners of Spirit Tool LLC, in Auburn, Maine have begun making High precision tool holders for the machine tool industry. [Read More]

The Spirit Tool Arbor System offers the machinist three major advantages:

1. LOW PROFILE MOUNTING of cutters for truly versatile tool positioning.
2. EXTREMELY RIGID CUTTER MOUNTING for improved performance and accuracy.
3. EASE OF USE, only three components and a drive key. No spacers!

Thanks to our unique design, the tool becomes an integral part of the quill and is ready for the most demanding performance in low-clearance work areas completely inaccessible to other arbors. It is the best way to hold you side milling cutters or slitter saws.

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The Spirit Tool Semi Flush arbor, also known as the ToolMark Arbor System, formally made in Minnesota is now proudly manufactured in Maine. If you wish, you may buy our arbors from one of our many fine distributers advertised under names like Select, Prestige or XACT.  Or, you may buy them here, direct from us, the manufacturer.  Either way, you'll be glad you did.  

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