Download our Brochure for a Full Technical Description of Spirit Tool Arbor System

The Spirit Tool Arbor System offers the machinist two major advantages:

LOW PROFILE MOUNTING of cutters for truly versatile tool positioning, and EXTREMELY RIGID CUTTER MOUNTING for improved performance and accuracy.

In use, the cutter is positioned in the Arbor Assembly and is drawn together with the coupling nut which is only tightened “finger-tight”, no wrenches are required.

The Arbor Assembly is then inserted into the spindle of the milling machine where it is retained in the usual manner by the drawbar. At this point, Spirit Tool’s exclusive cutter holding feature permits all of the drawbar tightening force to be transmitted directly to the cutter faces. The tool, now an integral part of the quill, is ready for the most demanding performance in low-clearance work areas completely inaccessible to other arbors.

Basic Design Elements  The coupling nut engages both the drawbar and the arbor shaft. The high tensile shaft transmits the three ton drawbar clamping force directly to the cutter mounting faces. The arbor holder is manufactured of alloy steel and carefully hardened and ground to eliminate cutter runout. Steel keys assure positive drive of all elements thus allowing the machines to run in either direction. The cutter clamping faces are ground flat and perpendicular to the arbor axis, thus preventing distortion of even very thin slitting saws.

straightshankaboutStraight Shank, Can be used in 1″ collets, end mill holders or with straight shank adaptors. The low profile design of this arbor simplifies setups in N/C equipment where studs might interfere with tool changing operations. The hex nut is wrench tightened as no drawbar is employed.

Vise Clearance  How often have you found interface between the outboard stud and the vise jaw or swivel bolts on your work set-up? The Spirit Tool Arbor has the nut on the other end where it can’t interfere. This keeps the cutter less than one inch from the spindle nose, providing the same rigidity of the quill. The Spirit Tool Arbor is a precision tool. The allowable tolerance on the work piece will not be used up by arbor runout. Saves minutes on every job; saves hours on tough jobs.

r8Work Clearance  Many work pieces such as castings have surfaces to be machined which are inaccessible with conventional arbors. Until now, the only solution was to employ expensive, large diameter cutters or to build a custom cutter holder. Spirit Tools’ low-profile arbor now makes nearly all of these difficult cuts possible. Wide cutters can be recessed to accommodate the .160″ arbor shoulder to provide full flush cutting capability.

r8-adaptorAdaptors  A series of adaptors permits the use of cutters having holes smaller than 1 inch. They extend the cutter 1.25 inches below the arbor holder providing better access with the smaller diameter cutters. The adaptors are made with the same precision as the 1 inch arbor but sell for approximately half the price. Adaptors fit both the R-8 and the straight shank arbor holder.