New precision manufacturing in Auburn, Maine

February 18, 2010

Owners of Spirit Tool LLC have begun manufacturing high precision tool holders for the machine tool industry.

Contact info: Greg Poliquin 207.376.4466

(February 18, 2010 – Auburn, ME) Orette and Greg Poliquin, owners of Spirit Tool LLC, have begun manufacturing High precision tool holders for the machine tool industry in Auburn, Maine. In February of 2010 they purchased the rights to make the Spirit Tool Arbor System from Spirit Tool & Die formally of Minneapolis, MN.

Mr. Poliquin, of Poliquin Machinery Inc. who has been involved in the machine tool industry for over twenty five years is very pleased to bring this kind of manufacturing to Maine. “We did our research and we found that the Spirit Tool Arbor System is the best possible way to hold a side-milling cutter or slitter saw. Just 3 components and a drive key, combine to give you a high precision, low profile, extremely rigid mounting for your cutter.”

For More Information contact:
Greg Poliquin, owner