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This Arbor is Different! It is made of 4 pieces consisting of the arbor, arbor holder, coupling nut and a KEY.┬áThe Spirit Tool – ToolMark Arbor is the only stub arbor with a KEY. It works on a “pull through” principle. The cutter slips onto the arbor, the threaded end is then pushed through the arbor holder and is held in by a coupling nut at the opposite end of the cutter. The machine’s draw-bar threads into the coupling nut like a standard arbor to hold the arbor and the cutter in place.

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R8 Taper Stub Semi-Flush Arbor Cutters to 1/2″ Wide

R8 Taper Stub Semi Flush Arbor Cutters Spirit Tool USA

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1″ Straight Shank Semi-Flush Arbor Cutters to 1/2″ Wide

1"straight shank Spirit Tool Maine USA

Semi-Flush Adapters for 1″ Arbors

Semi Fluah Adapters for 1" Arbor Spirit Tool Maine USA

Arbor Sets

Arbor Sets Spirit Tool Maine USA


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